Partner with World-Class IT Consultants

A full range of consulting services is available. We have handled a variety of extensive consulting requests ranging from source code analysis and support to operating system analysis and support.

We provide software support services that include:

Our support services can be arranged for 24x7 or 9x5 coverage as needed. We can provide a single coverage source for virtually all of your support needs. Our support includes kernel and patch level coverage, including assistance in tracking bug reports to HP. We are experienced troubleshooters with extensive backgrounds at the system internals level. This enables us to quickly diagnose difficult system situations.

Many customers have taken advantage of our multi-operating system expertise by using us in various migration and support projects involving Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux etc., Solaris, and other Operating System environments.

With the pending demise of Tru64 UNIX (HP support ends in 2012), we have been asked to help migrate customers from Tru64 UNIX (and TruCluster) over to HP-UX 11.23 or 11.31. Most of these projects involved Oracle database migrations as well.

Many of these customers required a Cluster File System (CFS) to match the environment to which they had become accustomed when using AdvFS on TruCluster Server. We successfully migrated those customers to Serviceguard and Storage Management Suite. We would like the opportunity to assist you with your specific consulting, migration, or support project. Please reference our Migration page for further descriptions of our migration and porting capabilities.

In addition, we have convenient and cost effective programs whereby we can continue to provide support in the post migration stages of your project. Please reference our SOS & BRUDEN-Blocks Support page for information on flexible support plans.

No matter what your requirements, and no matter what your budgetary constraints, BRUDEN will provide a solution for you.