BRUDEN provides a cost-effective alternative to hiring additional administrators, or arranging for multiple consultants based on operating system expertise. For various operating system environments our System Operational Support (SOS) team will augment current staff and (optionally) can be used to handle multiple environments with one virtual addition to your staff (full or part time).

Depending on what is requested or needed, the SOS team can be any one or more of multiple BRUDEN personnel thus providing the ultimate in flexibility based on your immediate requirements.

We recognize that many customers have heterogeneous environments where there are multiple operating systems and software packages in use concurrently. The SOS option enables system administration augmentation without needing separate personnel for each operating system environment.

By 'System Operational Support' we mean:

Providing System Administration level adjunct capabilities

The SOS team will normally be active hourly. The SOS agreement is usually for a year, with a specified count of hours to be utilized each month. Arrangements can be made for the longer term, and for any support focus (such as performance, crash dump analysis, or application source code support).


An alternative to a yearlong SOS agreement is a BRUDEN-Block "pool of hours". This pool of hours can be used for any services that the customer requires, and on any machine. The block of hours is purchased up front, and will expire after a year.

SOS and BRUDEN-Block Included Activities

Specifically, our 'System Operational Support' and 'BRUDEN-Block' packages can be utilized for: